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California Academy of Sciences

One of the ten largest natural

Location: San Francisco, United States, North America

Best time to visit: year round


What to do and what to see:

Located in the 1000-acre-plus Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, the California Academy of Sciences is one of the ten largest natural history museums in the world. First established in 1853, a remodeling effort in 2008 created a stunning environmentally friendly venue that proudly offers research, exhibits, and education. Divided primarily into three areas, the Academy focuses on astronomy at the Morrison Planetarium, aquatic and rainforest habitats in the Steinhart Aquarium, and a revolving varietal display at the Kimball Natural History Museum. Branches of science studied here are widely varied, and include (but are not limited to) biology, botany, mammology, geology and paleontology. Open daily, tickets are required and available online, and for visitors lucky enough to be in town the third Wednesday of each month, admission is free. Whether it’s the facility’s living roof, the 4-story rainforest bio-dome, or the 38,000 species of animals in the aquarium, the California Academy of Sciences offers something that everyone can enjoy.

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