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City of Sacramento

List of major sights

Location: Sacramento, United States, North America

Best time to visit: fall/spring


What to do and what to see:

The City of Sacramento is known as “River City” as well as “The City of Trees,” and is located where the Sacramento River and the American River converge in California’s Central Valley area. The history of the city comes alive in dozens of museums and attractions, including (but certainly not limited to) The California Museum for History, Women, and the Arts, Sutter’s Fort, and Crocker’s Art Museum. Speaking of art, displays are found all over the city with more than 600 pieces displayed at the airport, in front of city and county buildings, and even at the Sacramento Convention Center. With history this rich, the city has plenty of activities with nods to the Gold Rush days of the 1800s, and several dining and shopping establishments are located in the 28-acre district of Old Sacramento State Historic Park. The area’s ties to great railroads of the past are also evident here, and attractions include the California State Railroad Museum, among others. Lovers of theater will enjoy the wide variety of public and professional venues in Sacramento, and sports buffs won’t be left out in the cold, with the NBA Kings calling Sacramento home. Whether it’s a stroll through the Sacramento Zoo, or a riverboat cruise on the Delta King, travelers will find plenty of exciting things to do in Sacramento.

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