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City of San Jose

Attractions overview

Location: San Jose, United States, North America

Best time to visit: fall/spring


What to do and what to see:

It’s easy to make your way to San Jose, the “Capital of Silicon Valley” in central California. The third largest city in the state, San Jose is home to a myriad of attractions for travelers enjoy. The Guadalupe River runs from the Santa Cruz Mountains through the city, and the Guadalupe River Park is home to family-friendly cultural sites including the Guadalupe Gardens, McEnery Park, and Discovery Meadow, with expansions planned in the future. The city’s recreational and commuter trail network spans more than 50 miles, including Coyote Creek Trail, Los Gatos Creek Trail, and Silver Creek Valley Trail among many others. Additional cultural attractions include the agricultural Emma Prusch Farm Park, home to a rare-fruit garden and the largest 4-H barn in San Jose, as well as Kelley Park, which contains a zoo, a Japanese garden, and several intriguing museums. Dozens of unique landmarks are located all across the city, including gardens, libraries, museums, hotels, and even a 100-acre open air flea market. One of the most famous – and strangest – attractions is the Winchester Mystery House, a reputedly haunted mansion open daily for tours. San Jose hosts the Mariachi and Mexican Heritage Festival each September, and year round performing arts venues include the opera, ballet, a children’s musical theater and several others. Locals swear by the gorgeous weather in the spring and fall, and travelers will be glad they’ve found their way to San Jose.

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