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Coit Tower

Popular tourist destination

Location: San Francisco, United States, North America

Best time to visit: fall/spring

What to do and what to see:

On the eastern side of San Francisco, tourists can spy an iconic, towering white landmark known as Coit Tower, standing proudly at the top of Telegraph Hill. Erected in 1933, the art-deco concrete tower is graced with 26 murals by various artists, and is a part of the city’s larger Pioneer Park. Tours of the staircase murals are held every Saturday, and stunning 360-degree views of the city and the bay are to be had from the tower, which charges a nominal fee for admission. The parking is notoriously bad in the busy summer months, with spring and fall being the suggested times of year to visit, and locals suggest that visitors walk from nearby Lombard or Filbert Streets or utilize area taxi or limo services. The climb to the top is well worth the effort at Coit Tower.

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