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Crooked Lombard Street

“The crookedest street in the

Location: San Francisco, United States, North America

Best time to visit: fall/spring

What to do and what to see:

Fasten your seatbelts and get the cameras ready for a visit to San Francisco’s Lombard Street. Dubbed “the crookedest street in the world,” the famous quarter-mile stretch of this iconic street was built in 1922 as the city’s answer to the too-steep grade of the land. San Francisco’s cable car transit system serves the mostly residential street, which is now a one-way (downhill) throughway with a whopping five miles-per-hour speed limit. Paved with deep-red bricks and lined with beautifully landscaped flowers and hedges, the best place to snap a travel photo is from the bottom at Leavenworth Street looking up. And the best way to experience Lombard Street is first-hand, by driving down the labyrinthine street yourself.

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