Find a personal guide for your adventure!How it works?

How it works

CanYouGuideMe has been created to help travelers locate tour guides and instructors for travel activities and adventures of all kinds. We understand that experiencing new cities, countries, places and activities is always more memorable if you are guided by someone who knows the place, who loves the city, and who knows first-hand the ways of the local people.

How do you find these guides? The answer is right here – on the CanYouGuideMe website!

Use the search to find guides, attractions, and other travelers' reports.

Here you can learn everything about how to use the CanYouGuideMe site: how to use the search feature, why you should make your own profile, and how to contact tour guides.

How to use the search feature on the site:
The search feature allows you to look for guides, attractions or other travelers' reports. Just click the boxes at the top of the search, like this:

The "Style of Adventure" options explain in detail the different types of leisure activities for which you can search. You may set your preferred style of leisure to obtain a more precise search result, and thereby include only those attractions and guides of interest to you.

The "Beach" option provides you with information all about beaches: beautiful sites for swimming, sunbathing, shell-collecting and water-sport activities of all types.
The "Extreme" option lets you find highly physical and more demanding activities, attractions and instructors. This includes surfing, diving, water-skiing, rafting, kayaking, rock-climbing, mountaineering, trekking, snow-skiing, snow-boarding, delta-planing and more!
The "Outdoor" option includes all activities and attractions connected with nature, suitable for all levels of physical ability whether the traveler is nine years old or ninety. These include fishing, camping, hiking, bird-watching and a wide array of other outdoor choices.
The "History and Culture" option provides you with attractions and guides related to famous historical events, ancient and modern cultural attractions, religious or sacred sights, and places connected with famous people. Here you can find descriptions of sites such as the Empire State Building in New York in the U.S., the Eiffel Tower of Paris, France, or Giza's Pyramids in Egypt.
The "Family" option includes all child-friendly activities and attractions.

To help narrow down your search, you may also use the "Location" fields. After selecting a location, you will be shown only the atractions, guides and travel reports connected to the location you have specified.

The "Region" field lets you specify the part of the world in which you are interested.

The detailed location set of fields allows you to make your search as precise as you wish. Just remember that the more details you enter, the fewer results you will get.

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