Find a personal guide for your adventure!How it works?

You can create Guide or Traveler page

Both are absolutely free!

You are a guide and want to let people know about you, promote yourself?

You are an instructor looking for visitors?

Want to show your city for new friends?

You need:

With the Guide Page you get:

Personal web page, which easy to manage and contains all information you want to provide for travelers, including:

- list of places you guiding;
- mailbox to let your page visitors immediately contact with you;
- your own rating.

Your name on all Attraction Pages, which are in your "To show" list.

New visitors can find your page through CanYouGuideMe powerful Guide search engine.

You can be professional guide looking for new visitors or student looking for new friends the Guide Page is going to promote you!

Check the example of Guide Page

You are going to journey and looking for people familiar with the places?

Looking for tourist guides?

Want to find friends in new place?

We can offer you:

The Traveler Page lets you:

Keep all information about your adventures in one place

Make a list of places you have visited;

Send private messages to guides and other users;

Have lists of your favorite guides, attractions, travel reports;

Leave comments and ratings;

Create new descriptions of places you love, make a travel reports to keep your memories about that fantastic vacation.

Even if you are not going to travel right now you can find a lot of new attractions just around your home!

See the example of Traveler Page